About Me

About Think. Code. Make.

I’m James Dozier, the creator of all the projects on this site. I’ve always had projects going on that I’ve been working on. This site puts those projects in one place.

About Me

I’m a Data Analyst and a self-taught Python Developer. I began teaching myself software development several years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I am an equal fan of digging deep into data sources, learning new insights, and solving complex problems with my development skills.

What I learn, I also love to teach to others. I lead a programming meet-up, in which we’ve discussed many different languages and ways to apply software development skills. I’ve taught a Python development workshop, focusing on building excitement of programming through video games. I’ve also taught friends, family, and anyone who would listen the skills they need to solve their own software problems.

I will always be a student at heart. I constantly read books on not only other programming languages, but fundamental techniques and design principles of software development. I really believe that learning never stops, and that to stay relevant in this industry a student mindset is priceless.